Wapentake – “Remembrances” CD

Nekrogoat Heresy Productiosn returns to its Dark-Folkish side with a compilation from the British Acoustic Black Metal band Wapentake. Compiling the “Saxon Pastoral” and “Harbringer” Tapes alongside with the unreleased “Perennial” EP and other unreleased material this edition gives a wide view on the project sound and approach. Digipack edition limited to 200 copies. Continue reading Wapentake – “Remembrances” CD

Íngreme & Insomnia Pálida disponível!

A Nekrogoat Heresy Productions tem o prazer de apresentar uma última edição para este ano bastardo de 2021. Desta feita apresentamos um lançamento partilhado entre Íngreme e Insomnia Pálida, em formato cassete e estritamente limitado a 50 unidades.Saídos de terras de Trás-os-Montes, estes dois projectos brigantinos deambulam pelos trilhos do Black Metal mais Underground. Íngreme apresenta-nos o seu trabalho de estreia, na forma de quatro músicas cantadas, quiçá declamadas, em Português com uma sonoridade mais nostálgica, focada em tempos idos de tradição e orgulho pagão. Insomnia Pálida brutaliza-nos com um som mais cru e agressivo saído do inferno de uma … Continue reading Íngreme & Insomnia Pálida disponível!

Baal – “Epitaphion” CD

Formed back in 1999 by Arcanus and with only two releases under it’s banner, Baal as been lurking in the Underground unnoticed by many, but surely respected by the true devotees of the Portuguese Black Metal movement. Now, after 11 years since “Dead Old Moon”, his previous work and first full-length, and counting with 22 years of existence, Baal returns with a new work entitled “Epitaphion”. Focused and masterly crafted, “Epitaphion” steps forward into the Black Metal spectrum of its predecessor, but presenting a much cleaner and stronger sound. Cold yet melodic Black Metal performed by an underground veteran and … Continue reading Baal – “Epitaphion” CD

Metadevice – “Turba” Pre-order

“Turba”, a Portuguese expression for “mob” or “rabble”, is Metadevice’s return to a more evident structured sense of composition, often rhythmically guided, combining a wide range of sounds from harsh throbbing synths, loops, electrified drones and even rusty-edged guitars to build sharp industrialized music. Driven by the intense vocals of Rui Almeida (experimental rock NU’s frontman), whose lyrics in both Portuguese and English merge his own words with appropriations from T.S. Eliot, Thomas Pynchon or Nathaniel West, this is an album about collective alienation, raving individualism and a deep dive into the hyperreality of our modern times. This mass movement is not a … Continue reading Metadevice – “Turba” Pre-order


Pre-orders are now open for the new Last Rape CD on New Approach. “Campaign of Madness” CD, limited to 100 copies in super Jewel Case. DIY cover and inlay. Pro-CD This is a pre-order to help funding the pressing of the CD, if you’re not into waiting, please don’t order as delays can happen. Follow the link to our pre-order shop and grab your copy or simply send an e-mail. narshop.bigcartel.com Continue reading LAST RAPE – “CAMPAIGN OF MADNESS” CD