Baal – “Epitaphion” CD

Formed back in 1999 by Arcanus and with only two releases under it’s banner, Baal as been lurking in the Underground unnoticed by many, but surely respected by the true devotees of the Portuguese Black Metal movement.

Now, after 11 years since “Dead Old Moon”, his previous work and first full-length, and counting with 22 years of existence, Baal returns with a new work entitled “Epitaphion”. Focused and masterly crafted, “Epitaphion” steps forward into the Black Metal spectrum of its predecessor, but presenting a much cleaner and stronger sound. Cold yet melodic Black Metal performed by an underground veteran and far from the nowadays circus. “Epitaphion” stands proud as a statement in its Underground identity.

Released by Nekrogoat Heresy Productions in CD format limited to 200 copies.

Pre-order possible in our store:

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