War Blasphemy – “Morte à tua Fé” & “Satanic Armageddon” Tape out now!

Nekrogoat Heresy is proud to present the return of War Blasphemy! A double EP Tape featuring the brand new “Morte à tua Fé” EP recorded in 2020 and the previously unreleased 2004 EP “Satanic Armageddon”. War Blasphemy comes from an old breed of Portuguese Black Metal, mostly dormant these days, based on pure fucking aggression and blasphemy. Fast and direct BM without bullshit. A true and honest testimony of the Black Metal Underground as it was in the past and still is for some of us. Limited to 100 copies. Continue reading War Blasphemy – “Morte à tua Fé” & “Satanic Armageddon” Tape out now!

Djinn – “Fuck Vessel” CD

Nekrogoat Heresy Productions is proud to present a new release! Djinn – “Fuck Vessel” CD Djinn is the manifestation of the joint efforts of M.T. (K.F.R.) and Old (Old Burial Temple) and “Fuck Vessel” the first conjuration of its dark spectral entity. A well crafted blend of Ambient Atmospheric Black Metal as only masters of their arts can achieve. A dark, dense and agonizing journey into the most cold and visceral side of Black Metal. Originally recorded in 2015, partially in the Parisian catacombs and now available as a limited CD through Nekrogoat Heresy Productions. Out now! Available on our store … Continue reading Djinn – “Fuck Vessel” CD

oooOooo – “Onomatopeia Monolítica” & “Advento Refractário” Double Tape

oooOooo, é expressão sonora de cariz surrealista e orgânico, assente numa base poética que vai sendo citada ao longo de camadas sonoras, numa operação de solve et coagula sónico. Crescendo de uma base sonora de Sanfona e outros instrumentos criados pelo próprio, oooOooo recorre ao Drone e ao Noise, pontuado por nuances Folk Ritualistas e acompanhadas por evocações poéticas, para criar uma massa sonora que nos remete para a grandiosa e austera montanha nortenha. Dois trabalhos envolventes no seu todo e a simbiose perfeita entre a evocação de tempos idos imbuídos de tradição e a exploração sonora do experimentalismo mais … Continue reading oooOooo – “Onomatopeia Monolítica” & “Advento Refractário” Double Tape

TAETER vs SEKTOR 304 CD out now!

TAETER vs SEKTOR 304 “THE HERMENEUTICS OF THE HUNT HAS GONE FULL CIRCLE” Back in 2015, by the same time TAETER´s debut release on vinyl came out (“THE HUNT HAS GONE FULL CIRCLE” 7” on Narcolepsia), André Coelho (SEKTOR 304/METADEVICE) created some material based on the reinterpretation of various source materials used on the recording sessions for that same 7”. The idea was to do a special tape edition, but it never materialized. Recently, André exhumed his archives and suggested the reactivation of this forgotten plan. Nicola contributed with alternative versions of the two tracks that came in that original … Continue reading TAETER vs SEKTOR 304 CD out now!